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Catch A Wave! – The Latest Solar Thin Films

Flexible & artistic – not the same ole bah-humbug solar panels.  More affordability, though less wattage.  Integrates better, aesthetically pleasing.  It’s about time solar is giving us what we need – better pricing, aesthetics, flexibility!


This article asks great questions to consider if this is for you –

12 Questions When Considering Thin Film

  1. Do I want to offset only a portion of my electricity load?
  2. Is my roof unable to withstand additional weight?
  3. Am I uncomfortable with adding more roof penetrations?
  4. Is my roof a visible or aesthetic element?
  5. Am I in a location with high wind or many cloudy days?
  6. Is the appearance of traditional PV panels incompatible with my building design?
  7. Do I have a large surface area available for solar power?
  8. Is vandalism a concern for my property?
  9. Am I looking to make an architectural statement with solar?
  10. Is my tolerance for risk and innovation high?
  11. Is the warranty of my roof approaching its end?
  12. Am I doing any envelope retrofit projects soon?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then thin-film solar may be right for you!

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Solar keeps getting more incredible, as Pythagoras Solar brings out their new PV glass.

ArchWeek Image

It can be easily incorporated into conventional construction.  They’re going primarily after the commercial arena, however, what a great addition it will be to residential.  The best part is that the transparent glass combines high-density solar power generations with the benefits of a standard insulating glass unit, plus prevents most direct solar radiation from entering. Check it out at