Timeless Japanese Minka for Today’s World! Pole houses – These stunning celebrations of strength & elegance are a legacy to be passed down to future generations.   Large diameter vertical wood poles are sunken in concrete footings to carry the weight of the floor & roof.  The vertical poles are notched for girder beams & floor joists to be bolted directly to the vertical poles, thereby creating a unique structural system.  This internal grid-like frame bears all the weight of the home.  The ambiance of these homes is incredible, melding traditional 17th century Japanese “minka” with today. Practicality & longevity is outstanding, as pole houses have been shown to withstand effects of hurricanes & earthquakes, even floods. Pole houses can be a perfect fit for challenging properties, as they can be built with the least disruption to the land.  This includes sloping hillsides, rocky & sandy locations.  The amount of construction time can be reduced, as well as, dramatically reducing the cost for the site preparation.


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