What Happens When You Work With A Quality Designer?     

You have someone to listen to you.

You are not so intimidated.

You get what you pay for.

Quality plans save you money.

You get the hard part over with first.

It’s their job to educate you about design.


If You Don’t Have A Good Design, What Can Go Wrong?

Can’t do apples to apples from estimates from different builders.

Cost overruns more likely- not clear.

Schedule delays more likely – wrong sizing.

Communication is hampered – everyone is confused.

Tensions will run higher.

Product selection is more difficult- all fixtures, etc. may not be there.

Expectations are not defined.


The Benefits Of Working With A Quality Designer…

Enhanced communication.

Project will get done faster.

Fewer schedule delays.

Fewer cost overruns.

You can see your plan in 3-D.

Anxiety level will be more comfortable – everyone knows what they get.

Everyone wins.


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